Grapes & Gourmet 2017

Standing in the Place of a Parent
January 16, 2017
The Obligations of Standing in the Place of a Parent
February 16, 2017
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Grapes & Gourmet 2017

Tickets on sale Monday Jan 16, 2017.

All proceeds will be going to Project Connect and the Kiwanis Club.


Project Connect is an annual one-day event that provides opportunities for people to connect to community resources via the delivery of services; connection to agencies and organizations; and the provision of tangible items and services. The event targets a vulnerable population of individuals, serving people who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, unemployed, living in poverty, or struggle to meet basic needs for themselves or their families. The event aims to break down barriers and connect people, face to face, to services that will serve them in the long term.

Project Connect helps to meet the needs of the community in three ways.

1.  To provide tangible items and services to Project Connect guests to help meet their basic needs and promote their health and sense of self-worth

2.  Reduce barriers that impede an individual’s ability to access services and agency programs

3.  Assist individuals to form a network of support to navigate community systems, promoting community connection and overall well-being

Project connect provides a wide variety of free and essential services in one location. The open and welcome environment helps to break down barriers and reduce anxieties. After seven years of successful operation, the Project Connect collaboration has strategically evaluated its offerings and would like to see the program serve a 25% increase in guests served (400) and provide a more sophisticated range of services.


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