Civil Litigation

Have you experienced a financial loss associated with a business, employment, insurance or loan?

Occasionally your business, insurance or employment agreements will fail to deliver what was promised. Our Civil Litigation Team can help you understand your choices for dealing with your problems, and where necessary, take legal action to assist you.

These losses can be financially and emotionally overwhelming!

If you have been served with a court claim or if you think you may be served with a court claim, our Civil Litigation Team can help you understand what is going on and make informed choices on how to deal with the claim.

If you have a claim against someone else, our Civil Litigation Team can help you understand what your choices are to resolve your claim and help you make a choice that will work best for you.

Pritchard & Co Law Firm, LLP’s sound solutions to complex legal issues:

Navigating Disputes in the Court System

Litigation is the word used to describe the procedure for a claim in court. In Alberta, more than 98% of claims that are filed in court are settled before a trial in front of a judge. All court claims begin with a written statement setting out your claim and this is filed in court.

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December 15, 2012

“But, you promised…”: Clear, Enforceable Contracts

When you were a child, do you ever remember saying “But you promised…”? As children, none of us were required to sign formal agreements. The three reasons I often hear for failing to create clear, enforceable agreement are: “I trusted […]
November 22, 2010

New Rules of Court and Dispute Resolution Processes

On November 1, 2010, the government implemented a new set of Rules that govern how Albertans will resolve their civil legal problems. The goal of the new Rules is to “maximize the Rules’ clarity, usability and effectiveness and to contribute […]
October 18, 2010

Value of a Written Agreement

“A Short Pencil is Better than a Long Memory” This is something my father used to always say, and I, in turn, say it to others now.  What he meant, of course, is write it down so you don’t forget.  […]