Estate Planning

October 24, 2007

Family Trusts and Corporations

Previous articles in this column have looked at probating a Will and alternatives to probating a Will. This article looks at family trusts and corporations as alternatives to probating a Will. Probate is a court procedure established to protect the […]
June 25, 2008

Mutual Wills

Over the years, family situations have become more complex.  People enter 2nd, and sometimes 3rd marriages.  They may avoid the act of remarrying, and choose to live together in common law.   In many cases these spouses have children from their […]
January 27, 2009

Registering Your Personal Directive

The Personal Directive, or PD for short is an integral part of your estate plan.  The PD, allows you (the Maker) to name another person (or persons), like a family member or friend as your Health Care Agent(s) (the Agent).  […]
February 19, 2009


A common dilemma in estate planning involves balancing fairness among family members while recognizing the needs of a particular family member.  Some examples are: blended families – how to be fair to a second spouse/partner while recognizing children from a […]
February 21, 2010

Effective Estate Planning for the Effect of Mobility

This article will focus on what to consider when your beneficiaries, (the parties who you will leave your estate to), and your executor or personal representative (PR), the person who manages the estate process once you die, live outside of […]
March 21, 2010

Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act

Introduction There are some things worse than death and one of them is how you get there.  Losing your mental capacity to make decisions about your health care and financial matters has become a major concern as our population lives […]
December 9, 2010

How Often Should you Review and Update your Will?

The life expectancy of your Will is very important.  In Medicine Hat, I have seen and administered Wills that were 30 years old (and older).  Lawyers are concerned the Will they are drafting for you might be the only Will […]
March 21, 2011

Supported Decision Making in Medicine Hat

A Personal Directive (PD) is an important document that should be part of your estate plan.  Your PD appoints your chosen person to make non-financial decisions about personal matters for you if you lose the mental capacity to make these […]