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Malcolm Pritchard

Working to make the future more positive for businesses and families, Malcolm Pritchard offers unequalled depth in estate planning and administration, and corporate law. For more than 35 years he has been helping clients plan for the continuation of a family business, and the transfer of wealth and property to the next generation while keeping families intact.

Les Scholly

Transitioning wealth to the next generation is an important task for many families who turn to Les Scholly for assistance. Les concentrates his expertise on the multiple facets of life planning and estate administration.

Catherine Regier

Although divorce can be difficult and confusing, Cathy Regier believes in empowering clients to make sound decisions about their futures. Helping them focus on their highest interests, especially children and assets, she encourages clients to participate actively in creating solutions, rather than giving control over to the courts. Cathy supports their involvement by explaining complex legal issues, exchanging information openly, and helping clients feel at ease in discussing their situation.

Hilary Pritchard

Hilary Pritchard joined our firm as a Student-at-Law in June 2015. Hilary is the daughter of Janis and Malcolm Pritchard and grand-daughter of James (Jim) Pritchard. Growing up in this family of successful lawyers, Hilary learned at an early age that she wished to make a difference in the lives of others. Hilary is excited about continuing the family legacy as the 3rd generation Pritchard at our firm.

Kenneth M. Taylor

Kenneth Taylor joined Pritchard & Co. as a Student-at-Law in 2017. Having grown up in Medicine Hat, Ken is excited to start his practice in our community. Ken strives to attain a better future for all of his clients. Seeking legal advice doesn’t need to be stressful. Thoughtful and adaptive approaches lead to successful outcomes and Ken is excited to innovate, create and collaborate with the Pritchard & Co. LLP team to attain them.


Kathy Andrew

Office Manager

Kathy is the Office Manager for Pritchard & Co Law Firm, LLP. Kathy is responsible for all office systems relating to human resources, finance, facilities and marketing.

Glenda Bauer

Business Law

Jocelyn Antonovitch

Real Estate

Amy Winslow

Estate Planning, Estate Administration

Kelly Sanders


Shelli Shaw

Family Law

Amy Trevena

Business Law / Commercial

Natalie Leahy

Business Law