Extra-Provincial Registering Your Company

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Extra-Provincial Registering Your Company

I recently re-watched the movie Smokey and the Bandit.  The first time I saw it, I was impressed with the chase scenes and of course the Trans Am.  What impressed me the 2nd time watching was the premise of the movie: Coors Beer was unable to be sold east of Oklahoma, which was why the Bandit was propositioned to bring it across state lines (illegally).  Fast-forward to the present, companies can sell their products or services across provinical and national boarder’s easier than ever.

Medicine Hat’s close proximity to the Saskatchewan border presents opportunities for companies in Medicine Hat to operate in Saskatchewan.

The New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) has made it easier for your company to legally engage in business in all of the western provinces (B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).  One way the NWPTA has helped businesses in the west is the ability to register your company extra provincially.

If you have an incorporated business, you do not need to incorporate a 2nd company to operate in Saskatchewan.  The extra provincial registration allows you to operate your existing Alberta company in Saskatchewan, or vice versa.  It makes sense to consider this option where you are soliciting business, setting  up a warehouse or office, or licensing your  business to operate in Saskatchewan.


There are 3 main steps to complete to extra provincially registration.

First, you need to have a search conducted of your company’s name (called a NUANs search) in the province you plan to operate in.  Ideally you  want to keep the company name the same in each province.  Generally, as long as your company name is not too familiar to an already existing business, this will not be an issue.

Second, you will need to have an Attorney for service in the province you plan to operate in.  The Attorney is the contact person if the provincial government needs to contact the business.  If you or an employee lived in Saskatchewan, they could be the Attorney for your company.  Lawyer  offices may also act as an Attorney for your business.

Third, you need to complete and provide the registration package to the corporate registry of the province your business is presently incorporated in.  If you are in Alberta, the Alberta corporate registry will liason with Saskatchewan corporate registry to complete the process.


There is good information on extra provincial registration on the Service Alberta website https://www.servicealberta.ca/713.cfm.

This process benefits from assistance of your business lawyer and can take 2-4 weeks to complete depending on the circumstances.

If you want to legally operate your company in another western province, and you don’t own a 1977 Trans Am, it is worth considering extra-provincial incorporation.


Les Scholly
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