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Success on your terms. Rely on counsel who is always looking out for your interests across the entire range of business and agri-business issues  and opportunities.

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Estate Planning & Administration

A view of the future. Benefit your family in the future with an estate plan that sets out your directions on both financial and personal matters and works.

Family LawFamily Law
Family Law

Divorce without destruction. Minimize the emotional and financial costs of divorce, protect relationships with children, and preserve family assets.

Family LawFamily Law

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If only life and business were all smooth sailing. The reality is unexpected events—or even natural transitions—can bring turbulence into families and companies. When legal matters arise, such as divorce, business issues, or estate-planning needs, expert guidance can help you manage the complexities. For more than 110 years Pritchard & Co Law Firm, LLP has helped clients in the Medicine Hat area protect what’s most important and reach their destinations.

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